Anti-bacterial / Anti-viral Treatment Package

At AS-CLEAN As You Like Auto Valeting, our number one priority is to keep customers, and our employees safe and healthy.

As we work through the aftermath of the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) incident, we are looking to see how we need to adapt with these events.

We have reviewed our process of how we are cleaning the interior of our customers vehicles. As now, it is not only important for the vehicle to look clean but also to try and eliminate unseen germs and bacteria.

We have had lengthy conversations with our chemical suppliers regarding the virus and have spoken about best practice and chemicals we can use to eliminate germs and bacteria. Below is a package we are offering after enquiries from a wide range of existing customers.

Anti-viral Treatment

Aims to eliminate unseen germs and bacteria.
From £80
  • Spray all interior surfaces with Terminex allowing a minimum 10 minutes contact time
  • Steam cleaning with SC2000 machine to fully sanitise interior:
  • • Sun Visors
  • • Grab Handles
  • • Pillars
  • • Seat Belts
  • • Windows
  • • Mirrors
  • • Door Panels
  • • Air Vents
  • • Centre Console
  • • Drinks Holders
  • • Ashtrays
  • • Dashboard
  • • Steering Wheel
  • • Indicator Stalks
  • • Boot Area
  • • Seats – Fabric & Leather
  • • Carpets & Floor Mats
  • • Vacuuming all awkward spaces hard to reach areas
  • • Shampooing seats and carpets

Please Note

We are not claiming that we can eliminate Coronavirus (COVID-19) from your vehicles.

We have revisited our processes and are now also practising the following:

  • Sterilisation of all equipment.
  • Wearing disposable gloves (disposed of after every valet).
  • Washing hands before and after every valet.
  • Maintaining social distances in line with guidelines.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

We thank you for your business during this challenging time and we will continue to update this website on any changes in our business policies, hours of operation or other related information.